Hard Water at Home

Softer water equals softer skinYou can taste, see and feel the evidence of hard water in your home.

These are the things most people complain about when living with hard water:

•  Scratchy towels

•  Stiff bed linens and clothes

•  Fabrics that break down prematurely – putting more lint in your dryer

•  Chlorine tastes and odors

•  Soaps, shampoos and detergents that lather poorly and rinse poorly

•  Cloudy, spotted glassware that even the best dishwasher can’t fix without toxic rinse aids

•  Mineral deposits on bathroom and kitchen fixtures

•  Stubborn stains in showers, sinks and toilets

•   Bad tastes in tea and coffee

•   Itchy skin and scalp

•   Unmanageable hair

•   Wasted heating energy


The greatest costs of hard water are actually those you don’t see as easily:

•  Undesirable mineral build-up inside the water heater shortens its life and decreases energy efficiency

•  Mineral build-up also negatively affects other water-using home appliances

•  More money is spent on soaps, shampoos and cleaning products

•  Extra time spent cleaning  bathroom and kitchen fixtures, tile and sinks

The obvious solution is a ProFlow Water Softener or Home Filtration System.

Discover the dramatic difference that a ProFlow Water Softener makes.  Our entire line of state-of-the-art water systems feature innovative, patented technology, and the professional in-home installation and service that you will only find from ProFlow.

Our water enhances your home life in ways both subtle and significant

.• Tap water tastes better

• Towels and sheets feel softer

•  Glassware gets a renewed sparkle

• Tile shines, faucets gleam

•  Soaps and shampoos have richer lather and rinse completely clean

•  Detergents and cleaning agents  perform better

•  Water-using appliances and the water heater last longer

ProFlow Water Softeners are environmentally friendly, conserve energy and have the long-term reliability that you would expect from an American-made product. Our systems are designed to be efficienf, effective, economical, upgradeable, and reliable.

•   Spend less on soaps, detergents and cleaning supplies… up to  a 50% savings!**

•  Showering leaves you with a fresh, clean feel

•  Machine washables rinse cleaner, feel softer and retain color longer

•  Dishes can be rinsed without costly drying agents

When it comes to making life easier, saving money and feeling better in your own home, the choice shouldn’t be hard at all.


Choose ProFlow, you’ll be glad that you did.